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Pour entrer en France – pass sanitaire


Pour entrer en France, il faut :

  • soit un test PCR négatif ou un test antigénique datant de moins de 24 heures.
  • soir une preuve de vaccination (2 vaccins + 1 semaine ou Jansen + 28 jours)
  • soit une preuve de rétablissement du COVID depuis moins de 6 mois.

Le “pass sanitaire” est obligatoire et s’applique pour le symposium, les musées, les Continue reading

Concert de gala par Jordi Savall – Grotte de Lombrives – 11 September 2021, 20.30 – 21.30

☆ CONCERT DE GALA ☆ GROTTE DE LOMBRIVES ☆ 11-09-2021 ☆ 20.30 -21.30 ☆ 



  • FR ☆ CONCERT DE GALA PAR JORDI SAVALL Chants et danses, prières et plaintes – De l’essor de l’Occitanie à la fin de la croisade contre les Albigeois (1100 – 1244) ☆ HESPÈRION XXI – Marc Mauillon, voix – Andrew Lawrence-King, psalterium et Harpe medièvale – Dimitri Psonis, oud, santur et percussion – Jordi Savall, vielle, rebec et direction
  • DE ☆ GALAKONZERT VON JORDI SAVALL – Lieder und Tänze, Gebete und Klagelieder aus der Zeit vom Aufstieg Okzitaniens bis zum Ende des Albigenserkreuzzugs (1100-1244) ☆ HESPÈRION XXI – Marc Mauillon, Gesang – Andrew Lawrence-King, Psalter und mittelalterliche Harfe – Dimitri Psonis, Oud, Santur und Percussion – Jordi Savall, Vielle, Rebec und Spielleitung
  • EN ☆ GALA CONCERT BY JORDI SAVALL – Songs and danses, prayers and lamentations from the period of the rise of Occitania until the end of the crusade against the Albigenses (1100-1244) ☆ HESPÈRION XXI – Marc Mauillon, chant – Andrew Lawrence-King, psalterium and medieval harp – Dimitri Psonis, oud, santur and percussion – Jordi Savall, vielle, rebec and régie
  • ES ☆ CONCIERTO DE GALA POR JORDI SAVALL – Cantos y danzas, oraciones y plegarias. Del auge de Occitania al final de la cruzada contra los albigenses (1100-1244) ☆ HESPÈRION XXI – Marc Mauillon, voz – Andrew Lawrence-King, salterio y arpa medieval – Dimitri Psonis, laúd árabe, santur y percusión – Jordi Savall, vihuela, rabel y dirección
  • NL ☆ GALA CONCERT DOOR JORDI SAVALL – Liederen en dansen, gebeden en klaagzangen uit de periode van de opkomst van Occitanië tot het einde van de kruistocht tegen de Albigenzen (1100-1244) ☆ HESPÈRION XXI – Marc Mauillon, zang – Andrew Lawrence-King, psalterium en middeleeuwse harp – Dimitri Psonis, oud, santur en percussie – Jordi Savall, viool, rebec en regie


The lost Brother and Other Tales – stories from the youth work of the School of the Golden Rosycross Lectorium Rosicrucianum


Twelve stories for children aged 5-9

Have you ever heard of the Land of Many Tracks where people live in railway carriages instead of houses and where they are always hooking up their carriages to this or that engine, for they have forgotten that they themselves have an engine? If only they could find it and follow the golden track!

And what is it like living in a zeppelin; one of those funny-shaped air-balloons that float high in the sky? Or have you ever wished you were a knight with Continue reading

Introduction by Daniël van Egmond in the new book ‘Mysteries and Challenges of Birth, Life and Death’

I do not believe in death: I die by the hour, each day And I have found a higher, better life this way 

Angelus Silesius,
Cherubinischer Wandermann I, 30a 

Life and death are mysteries. What does this mean? A mystery is not a problem or puzzle for which we have to find a solution. A mystery has an unfathomable depth and every time we engage with it, our wonder of it grows. But, as the classical philosophers taught us, wondering leads to wisdom, while solving a problem only means an increase in knowledge. So, if we want to connect with the Sophia, the Wisdom, if we long to be ‘loved by it’ (which is the literal meaning of the word philosophy), we must turn to Continue reading

Preface by Doride Zelle in the new book ‘Mysteries and Challenges of Birth, Life and Death’

For many decades we, as humanity, have experienced tremendous acceleration. What was experienced in the past during the course of several generations, we now experience in just one lifetime. Developments in the technical, medical, economic, social, cultural and political fields are moving at lightning speed. We are continually forced to make choices, both individually and also collectively, because if we do not choose for ourselves, someone else will choose for us. 

If we want to change our experience of outer circumstances, we will have to start working on our inner self because the world that we experience externally is a reflection of our inner self. The challenges that we face as people of the 21st century cannot be overcome with Continue reading