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Nuctemeron: the twelve hours of Apollonius of Tyana

first hour
In the unity, de daimons sing the praise of God, they loose their malignity and their wrath.

second hour
By the binary, the fishes of the Zodiac sing the praise of God, the snakes of fire intertwine around Hermes’ staff and the thunder becomes harmonious.

third hour
The snakes of Hermes’ staff intertwine trice, Cerberus opens his triple mouth and fire sings the praise of God by the three tongs of the lightning.
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Download the introduction and chapter 1 of The book of Mirdad as pdf

The book of Mirdad by Mikhail NaimyIn the milky mountains, upon the lofty summit known as Altar Peak, stand the spacious and somber ruins of a monastery once famous as the ARK.  Traditions would link it with an antiquity so hoary as the Flood.

Numerous legends have been woven about the Ark; but the one most current on the tongues of local mountaineers among whom I chanced to spend a certain summer in the shade of Altar Peak is the following:

Many years after the great Deluge Noah and his family, and his family’s increase, drifted into the Milky Mountains where they found fertile valleys, abundant streams and a most equable
climate.  There they decided to settle.