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Antonin Gadal: Patriarch who transferred the spiritual heritage of the Cathars to the School of the Golden Rosycross

At the start of the last century, a group of people in the south of France, in the valley of the Ariège, wanted to carry out a similar vision or ideal. One of them was Antonin Gadal, a teacher and speleologist from Ussat-les-Bains. This vision became reality when this historian came in contact with the school of the modern Rosycross, in the persons of Catharose de Petri and Jan van Rijckenborgh. 

Antonin Gadal knew the value of the spiritual history. He was looking forward to the moment when the Gnosis of the Cathars would once more find its way into the hearts of humanity. In the early1950s, he came into contact with Continue reading

A New Heaven and a New Earth – poetry by Viveka Weddepohl and paintings by Rob Weddepohl


The title of this book ‘A new heaven and a new earth’ symbolizes a profound process of inner transformation. One can go through this process individually resulting in: a new consciousness and improved ways of perception and observation. We find out that the new heaven and the new earth must not be sought outside but can be found within ourselves. The deeper meaning of the poems and paintings is held with an attempt at imaging this process.


In this wonderful collection of poems by dauhgter Viveka and paintings by her father Rob we experience a Continue reading

Spiritual Pentecost, free online program starts at May 16 2021

Free online program, based on ‘The gospel of the holy twelve’ by Jasper Gideon Ouseley.

Register for daily inspiration in Continue reading

Spiritual Easter – free online program 2021: March 28 – April 4

SPIRITUAL EASTER, March – April 2020

  1. 28-03 the passage, reflection 1, narrative 1
  2. 29-03 going through the gate, reflection 2, narrative 2
  3. 30-03 the mystery of life and death, reflection 3, narrative 3 
  4. 31-03 the cleansing of the inner temple, reflection 4, narrative 4
  5. 01-04 surrender to your inner master, reflection 5, narrative 5
  6. 02-04 showing new inner strength, reflection 6, narrative 6
  7. 03-04 the crucial victory over yourself, reflection 7, narrative 7
  8. 04-04 the liberation of the inner being, reflection 8, narrative 8