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Live streams symposium from the country of the Cathars: The golden thread of the free mind

Several subscribers to our newsletter asked us if we would broadcast the international symposium this coming weekend in Tarascon-sur-Ariège live. We are pleased that we can inform you in this extra newsletter that we, as co-organizer of this event, have been able to make agreements about this.

You were most welcome to attend The golden thread of the free mind via live video on your computer, tablet or smartphone.


  1. God is love – Mirjam Duivenvoorden
  2. The caves of Volp, history of their conservation and study – Robert Bégouën
  3. The Paleolithic Art of the Decorated Caves of or the Paradoxical Boldness of the Image – Philippe Grosos
  4. The Breath of the Spirit and Spiritual Energy – Eric Palazzo
  5. Freedom of Consciousness in Occitan Catharism – Eduard Berga
  6. On the wings of love – Maria Bartels
  7. Between everyday life and priestly existence – Catharism, a sanctuary for women? – Gwendolyn Hancke
  8. The Dream of Prometheus: Understanding Nature through Science, Art and Religion – Sergi Grau Torras (TALK IN ENGLISH)
  9. The golden thread of the free mind – Peter Huijs

If you buy a ticket for the live streams, you can also view and listen to the video recordings afterwards.

We wish you a beautiful and inspiring weekend.

Doride Zelle