Pentecost Sunday narrative 8


Chapter 90 of The Gospel of the Holy Twelve


Again the twelve were gathered together in the Circle of palm trees, and one of them, Thomas, said to the others, “What is Truth? For the same things appear different to different minds, and even to the same mind at different times. What, then, is Truth?”

And as they were speaking Jesus appeared in their midst and said, “Truth, one and absolute, is in God alone, for no man, neither any body of men, know that which God alone knows, who is the All in All. To men Truth is revealed, according to their capacity to understand and receive. The One Truth has many sides, and one sees one side only, another sees another, and some see more than others, according as it is given to them. Behold this crystal, how the one light is manifest in twelve faces, yes, four times twelve; and each face reflects one ray of light, and one regards one face, and another, another, but it is the one crystal and the one light that shines in all.

Behold again, when one climbs a mountain and attaining one height, he says, ‘This is the top of the mountain, let us reach it’; and when he has reached that height, he sees another beyond it until he comes to that height from which no other height is to be seen, if he can attain it. So it is with Truth. I am the Truth and the Way and the Life, and have given to you the Truth I have received from above. And that which is seen and received by one, is not seen and received by another. That which appears true to some, seems not true to others. They who are in the valley see not as they who are on the hilltop.

But to each, it is the Truth as the one mind sees it, and for that time, until a higher Truth shall be revealed to the same; and to the soul which receives higher light, shall be given more light. So condemn not others, that you be not condemned. As you keep the holy Law of Love which I have given to you, so shall the Truth be revealed to you more and more ; and the Spirit of Truth which comes from above shall guide you, although through many wanderings, into all Truth; even as the fiery cloud guided the children of Israel through the wilderness.

Be faithful to the light you have, until a higher light is given to you. Seek more light, and you shall have abundantly; rest not, until you find. God gives you all Truth, as a ladder with many steps, for the salvation and perfection of the soul, and what seems to be truth today, you will abandon for the higher truth of tomorrow. Press on to Perfection. Whoever keeps the holy Law of love which I have given, the same shall save their souls, however differently they may see the truths which I have given.

Many shall say to me, ‘Lord, Lord, we have been zealous for your Truth.’ But I shall say to them, ‘Nay, but, that others may see as you see, and none other truth beside.’ Faith without charity is dead. Love is the fulfilling of the Law. How shall faith in what they receive profit those that hold it in unrighteousness? They who have love have all things, and without love there is nothing worthwhile. Let each hold what they see to be the truth in love, knowing that where love is not, truth is a dead letter and profits nothing.

There abide Goodness, and Truth, and Beauty, but the greatest of these is Goodness. If any have hatred for their fellows, and harden their hearts to the creatures of God’s hands, how can they see Truth leading to salvation, seeing their eyes are blinded and their hearts are hardened to God’s creation? As I have received the Truth, so I have given it to you. Let each receive it according to their light and ability to understand, and do not persecute those who receive it with a different interpretation.

For Truth is the Might of God, and it shall prevail in the end over all errors. But the holy Law which I have given is plain for all, and just and good. Let all observe it for the salvation of their souls.”