Mysteries of God, Cosmos, Humanity – Realizing the plan of God


What is the source of life? How can we connect with it?  What can we do to become inspired by this magnificent and joyful perspective? These are the central points that I discuss in my new book ‘Mysteries and hymns of God, Cosmos, Humanity – realizing the plan of God.

This book is the third one and the last one of a trilogy about the mysteries, the mysteries that can be called: going the way of the mysteries, the way of the stars. That mysteries are universal. They are not connected to a  specific religion, philosophy or spiritual tradition. These books are guidelines for people of the 21st century who want to go an authentic spiritual path of awareness and renewal.

For thousands of years and in many cultures the sun has been a very important symbol. The sun is a symbol for the divine source of everything. And as we all know, the sun emanates light, warmth and life.

When we open yourselves to the spiritual Sun, that is the Sun behind the physical sun, behind the sum of our solar system, we can become connected to the light of universal wisdom, the all-encompassing love and the liberating decisiveness. 

The first book in the trilogy, Mysteries and Symbols of the Soul – Becoming a spirit inspired person, is based on spiritual texts of several spiritual traditions. The second one, Mysteries and Challenges of Birth, Life and Death – Becoming a new human being, is primarily based on the Jewish-Christian tradition. It is based on texts from the Bible texts, texts that are really inspiring for us today. And the last book, Mysteries and Hymns of God, Cosmos, Humanity – Realizing the plan of God  is about the hermetic tradition. The hermetic tradition is based on texts that are attributed to derived from the legendary Egyptian sage. And his name is Hermes Trismegistus.

The hermetic tradition started in the first centuries of our era in Alexandria in northern Egypt. It was a melting pot of many cultures. and there were unknown authors. They wrote manuscripts, known as the hermetic writings. In that manuscripts they combined the universal wisdom of  Egyptian mystery schools with rational thinking of the Greek philosophy.

Hermes Trismegistus is not a real person, but a conceived person, a kind of combination of the Egyptian god Thoth, te god writing and magic, and the Greek god Hermes. Hermes is the messenger of the gods. He is a living connection between heaven and earth. They combined it to a mystery figure: Hermes Trismegistus. This initiate is king, priest, and magician. Three faculties that are also in ourselves, at least potentially. And they can develop by going a path, the way of the stars. Hermes teaches that the human being is connected with the cosmos and with God. Those three are completly connected. They are inseperable. That is beautifully expressed in a sacred hermetic text that is called ‘The Emerald Tablet’. I would like to read the first paragraph for you:

‘It is true!
It is certain!
It is the whole truth!
That which is below
is equal to that which is above,
and that which is above
is equal to that which is below,
in order that the wonders of the One
shall be accomplished.
All things are accomplished
out of the One,
through one mediatorship,
so they are all born
out of the One by transmission.
His father is the sun;
his mother is the moon,
the air has carried it in its womb,
the earth was its feeder.’

The Emerald Tablet is a sacred Hermetic text and it is the foundation for western alchemy. If we read it, we can recognize the classical four elements in it: fire, water, air and earth. Fire is symbolized in the text by the sun, water is symbolized by the moon. We can find these elements in the macrocosm but also, of course, in de microcosm, in the human being. And according to the hermetic principle as above, as below, these elements are in us. We can see the sun, or fire, as a symbol for the spirit, the spirit in us. And the moon, or water, is a symbol for the soul. And the air is the personality, the person that we are. And last, of course, is the earth. That is our physical body.

We, as human beings, are composed of those four elements. But in Hermetic tradition, and in all authentic spiritual traditions, the say that in us are only the physical body and the personality active. So, the Soul and the Spirit are dorment, they are sleeping. But they can become awake when we give attention to the sun in us, to the Sun behind the sun in ourselves, in our hearts. And if we do that, we can go a path, a path of purification, transformation and transfiguration.

In the book, the process is described in nine steps. And these steps are:

  1. experiencing the divine
  2. distinguishing dimensions
  3. consciously perceiving, thinking and acting 
  4. receiving esoteric teachings 
  5. realizing purification
  6. praising God
  7. assimilating spiritual powers
  8. going the path of godliness
  9. proclaiming the Gnosis 

It seems that this is a linear process, but of course, it isn’t. It is a kind of cyclical process. And not only cyclical, but also a spiral. We can go a spiritual path, the way of the stars. And this book can be helpful for that.


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