Preface from the book ‘The way of Hermes’ by Gilles Quispel

In the year 1460 a monk brought a Greek manuscript to Florence. The monk, Leonardeo of Pistoia , was one of the agents that the city ruler, Cosimo de’ Medici, had sent to scour Europe’s monasteries for gotten writings of the ancients, and what he now brought his patron was a codex containing fourteen treatesis attributed to Hermes Trismegistus, an ancient Egyptian sage. This work’s arrival caused a great stir, because Hermes, identified with the Ibis god Thoth, was held to be older than Plato and Moses and the underlying inspiration of all philosophy and religion that followed him. Cosimo immediately instructed his scholar Marsilio Ficino to suspend his project of translating the dialogues of the divine Plato so that he might undertake a traqnslation of this even more significant work.  Continue reading

Spiritual Pentecost, free online program starts at May 24 2020

Free online program, based on ‘The gospel of the holy twelve’ by Jasper Gideon Ouseley.

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Spiritual Easter – free online program 2020: April 5 – April 12


  1. 05-04 the passage, reflection 1, narrative 1
  2. 06-04 going through the gate, reflection 2, narrative 2
  3. 07-04 the mystery of life and death, reflection 3, narrative 3 
  4. 08-04 the cleansing of the inner temple, reflection 4, narrative 4
  5. 09-04 surrender to your inner master, reflection 5, narrative 5
  6. 10-04 showing new inner strength, reflection 6, narrative 6
  7. 11-04 the crucial victory over yourself, reflection 7, narrative 7
  8. 12-04 the liberation of the inner being, reflection 8, narrative 8 

The lost Brother and Other Tales – stories from the youth work of the School of the Golden Rosycross Lectorium Rosicrucianum


Twelve stories for children aged 5-9

Have you ever heard of the Land of Many Tracks where people live in railway carriages instead of houses and where they are always hooking up their carriages to this or that engine, for they have forgotten that they themselves have an engine? If only they could find it and follow the golden track!

And what is it like living in a zeppelin; one of those funny-shaped air-balloons that float high in the sky? Or have you ever wished you were a knight with Continue reading

Introduction by Daniël van Egmond in the new book ‘Mysteries and Challenges of Birth, Life and Death’

I do not believe in death: I die by the hour, each day And I have found a higher, better life this way 

Angelus Silesius,
Cherubinischer Wandermann I, 30a 

Life and death are mysteries. What does this mean? A mystery is not a problem or puzzle for which we have to find a solution. A mystery has an unfathomable depth and every time we engage with it, our wonder of it grows. But, as the classical philosophers taught us, wondering leads to wisdom, while solving a problem only means an increase in knowledge. So, if we want to connect with the Sophia, the Wisdom, if we long to be ‘loved by it’ (which is the literal meaning of the word philosophy), we must turn to Continue reading

Preface by Doride Zelle in the new book ‘Mysteries and Challenges of Birth, Life and Death’

For many decades we, as humanity, have experienced tremendous acceleration. What was experienced in the past during the course of several generations, we now experience in just one lifetime. Developments in the technical, medical, economic, social, cultural and political fields are moving at lightning speed. We are continually forced to make choices, both individually and also collectively, because if we do not choose for ourselves, someone else will choose for us. 

If we want to change our experience of outer circumstances, we will have to start working on our inner self because the world that we experience externally is a reflection of our inner self. The challenges that we face as people of the 21st century cannot be overcome with Continue reading

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Online program 2019 – 2020

16-11 accepting the word, spiritual text 1, reflection 1
23-11 incarnating on earth, spiritual text 2, reflection 2
30-11 fathoming cycles, spiritual text 3, reflection 3
07-11 coping with loss, spiritual text 4, reflection 4
14-12 making the two into one, spiritual text 5, reflection 5
21-12 using your talents, spiritual text 6, reflection 6
11-01 becoming free from illusion, spiritual text 7, reflection 7
18-01 acquiring the resurrection body, spiritual text 8, reflection 8
25-01 experiencing the eternal now, spiritual text 9, reflection 9

All spiritual texts and reflections of the online program are included in the book

Mysteries and Challenges of Birth, Life and Death – Becoming a new person

Book Launch in New York (November 7) and London (November 9): Mysteries and challenges of Birth, Life and Death



By André de Boer and René Stevelink

fourth book, 304 p. / isbn 978 90 6732 4816

The spiritual art of living from inner knowledge, love and strength 

Why was I born? What am I supposed to do here? After my death my body decays, but what happens then to my consciousness? Does that disappear too? Or does it increase instead? Will I go to heavenly spheres or will some part of me possibly return to earth in a different body? How can I deal with Continue reading

Open Summer Conference in July 2019 in Amsterdam/Haarlem – The Netherlands: The awakening of the soul


The School of the Golden Rosycross organises an English spoken Open Summer Conference 2019 from Friday July 12 til Sunday July 14 in Amsterdam/Haarlem (The Netherlands) with the theme: The awakening of the soul in times of accelleration and transition.

  • Integration of the inner in daily life
  • The symbolic of the temple
  • From reincarnation to transfiguration
  • From self-knowledge to a new attitude of life 
  • From desire to fulfilment


Explore your path in the new Golden Rosycross Worldwide Community


Our present-day world provides an overwhelming stream of impulses, opportunities, communication and knowledge. Social media and the internet have almost deleted the factor of ‘physical distance’. Our times are indeed impressive as regards technological development and all the possibilities it offers for human development.

Yet, many are those who have this gnawing feeling that, despite all of this, our society is lacking something essential. Something meaningful that meets our inner sense of purpose. Maybe you recognize this as well and has it urged you to engage in spiritual courses, workshops, discussion groups, on the internet and so on. And maybe you have also approached the School of the Golden Rosycross in this way. If so, then you may be interested in that kind of spirituality which has its roots in what we can term the Universal Teachings. Continue reading