Spiritual Christmas

The divine can be born and grow in the human being. The Christmas season is the perfect time to focus on the things that really matter in life. During this dark time of the year we receive an ideal opportunity for inspiration and renewal. So why not take some time for reflection and inspiration during the season of the Holy Nights and the Holy Days. Let yourself be touched by profound narratives from ‘The Aquarian Gospel’.

Free online program, based on ‘The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ’ by Levi Dowling

12-22 Preparing yourself, reflection 1, narrative 1
12-23 Recognising the inner man in yourself, reflection 2, narrative 2
12-24 Preparing your way, reflection 3, narrative 3
12-25 Giving birth to the divine in yourself, reflection 4, narrative 4
12-26 In this sign you will conquer, reflection 5, narrative 5
12-27 Your magic gifts, reflection 6, narrative 6
12-28 Threats form the world and yourself, reflection 7, narrative 7
12-29 Your assignment in life, reflection 8, narrative 8
12-30 Looking back at the past, reflection 9, narrative 9
12-31 Taking leave of your teachers, reflection 10, narrative 10
01-01 Unfolding your talents, reflection 11, narrative 11
01-02 The hidden treasure in your heart, reflection 12narrative 12
01-03 Attention for your inner development, reflection 13, narrative 13
01-04 Awakening of the spirit-consciousness within you, reflection 14, narrative 14
01-05 Seven fundamental principles for your life, reflection 15, narrative 15
01-06 The decent of the holy breath, reflection 16, narrative 16

The texts allow you to contemplate the esoteric meaning of Christmas and the Christmas season. By focusing your attention on it you create a receptivity to a very spiritual process: the Light-birth within yourself. That is the Christmas miracle of awakening and activating the divine being within you. It is the beginning of a completely new spiritual path that never ends.

This program is an initiative of the Pentagram Bookstore in Haarlem, the Netherlands. It aims to bring the eternal and pure spiritual message to those who inwardly long for life fulfilment. All texts are published in the book Spiritual Christmas – Guiding hand for inner reflection and inspiration in the Christmas Season.