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Mysteries of God, Cosmos, Humanity – Realizing the plan of God


What is the source of life? How can we connect with it?  What can we do to become inspired by this magnificent and joyful perspective? These are the central points that I discuss in my new book ‘Mysteries and hymns of God, Cosmos, Humanity – realizing the plan of God.

This book is the third one and the last one of a trilogy about the mysteries, the mysteries that can be called: going the way of the mysteries, the way of the stars. That mysteries are universal. They are not connected to a  specific religion, philosophy or spiritual tradition. These books are guidelines for people of the 21st century who want to go an authentic spiritual path of awareness and renewal. Continue reading

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Online program 2019 – 2020

16-11 accepting the word, spiritual text 1, reflection 1
23-11 incarnating on earth, spiritual text 2, reflection 2
30-11 fathoming cycles, spiritual text 3, reflection 3
07-11 coping with loss, spiritual text 4, reflection 4
14-12 making the two into one, spiritual text 5, reflection 5
21-12 using your talents, spiritual text 6, reflection 6
11-01 becoming free from illusion, spiritual text 7, reflection 7
18-01 acquiring the resurrection body, spiritual text 8, reflection 8
25-01 experiencing the eternal now, spiritual text 9, reflection 9

All spiritual texts and reflections of the online program are included in the book

Mysteries and Challenges of Birth, Life and Death – Becoming a new person

Open conference 2018 ‘Mysteries of the Soul’ in London – November 15, 16, 17 – Golden Rosycross


Humanity en masse neglects the soul. Many problems we encounter are directly or indirectly the result of denying and ignoring this most essential aspect of ourself and our fellow human beings. There are many forces in the world that keep us away from caring for our soul.
Yet there is every reason for hope. During our recent era, the human personality has developed in such a way that the soul aspect has been awakened in many people and is indeed growing and becoming more active.
Do you know that you live on earth because you are Continue reading