Open conference 2018 ‘Mysteries of the Soul’ in London – November 15, 16, 17 – Golden Rosycross


Humanity en masse neglects the soul. Many problems we encounter are directly or indirectly the result of denying and ignoring this most essential aspect of ourself and our fellow human beings. There are many forces in the world that keep us away from caring for our soul.
Yet there is every reason for hope. During our recent era, the human personality has developed in such a way that the soul aspect has been awakened in many people and is indeed growing and becoming more active.
Do you know that you live on earth because you are given the possibility to become a spirit-inspired person? Are you aware that your soul is a manifestation of the Over-Soul who is inextricably linked to all other souls? Do you realise what you can do if you want your deepest self to unfold?

Evening 1: Mysteries and symbols of the soul
Thursday, November 15th, 19.00 – 21.00, free entrance, register
Andrè de Boer, pupil of the International School of the Golden Rosycross and author of the new book Mysteries and Symbols of the Soul – becoming a spirit inspired person, will present his book and offer points of reflection about the Soul and the spiritual practice that through different ages, cultures and religions have connected humanity quest for inner Freedom, Wisdom and Love.

Evening 2: Let body, Soul and Spirit become ONE
Friday, November 16th, 19.00 – 21.00, free entrance, register
Following from the 1st evening on Thursday 15th, we will explore together with the participants the fundamental questions that life confronts us with and that link through a golden thread all the great spiritual movements, teachers and mystery schools through the ages, investigating in particular their practical meaning and value in daily life.

Evening 3: Karma, the personality-soul and the Spirit-Soul
Saturday, November 17th, 16.00 – 19.00, free entrance, register
Following from the first 2 evenings, we will  conclude the Conference exploring in depth the proposal of the complete transformation of the human being through an inner revolution and the liberation of the immortal Soul. Sharing the pupils of the Golden Rosycross experience and confronting this openly with the questions of the participants, we aim at opening a space to meet at a deeper level.

Organiser: The International School of the Golden Rosycross
Location: Hotel Citidines Holborn-Covent Garden
Adress: 94-99 High Holborn, London
Dates: November 15, 16 and 17, 2018
Time: 19.00 – 21.00
Entrance: free

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