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Mysteries of God, Cosmos, Humanity – Realizing the plan of God


What is the source of life? How can we connect with it?  What can we do to become inspired by this magnificent and joyful perspective? These are the central points that I discuss in my new book ‘Mysteries and hymns of God, Cosmos, Humanity – realizing the plan of God.

This book is the third one and the last one of a trilogy about the mysteries, the mysteries that can be called: going the way of the mysteries, the way of the stars. That mysteries are universal. They are not connected to a  specific religion, philosophy or spiritual tradition. These books are guidelines for people of the 21st century who want to go an authentic spiritual path of awareness and renewal. Continue reading

André de Boer – author of the books of Spiritual Texts Academy

André de Boer graduated in 1987 as a chemist at Utrecht University in The Netherlands. He worked for two years as an editor and then for many years as an independent publicist for trade journals in the field of technology, innovation and management. In collaboration with others, he developed online programs for the Pentagram bookstore and wrote several books from the Spiritual Texts Library of Rozekruis Pers. Since mid-2017, he has worked as an author for Rozekruis Pers and as an online communication coordinator for the Rosicrucianum Lectorium in the Netherlands.

A common thread in André de Boer’s life is wonder. As a young child, he was fascinated by miracles in fairy tales and Bible stories. Later he was intensively involved with conjuring arts. In secondary education he became interested in the wonders of nature; one of the reasons why he went to study chemistry. Gradually he started to delve more and more into the great possibilities of the human mind and into different movements of wisdom.

André de Boer grew up in one Protestant family and joined the School of the Rose Cross at the age of 23. He has a great affinity with inner Christianity, but is also inspired by other traditions. In his book “Mysteries and symbols of the soul” he writes reflections on spiritual texts from advaita vedanta, hermetism, kabbalah, raja yoga and buddhism, for example. In his books he emphasizes that there is such a thing as a universal doctrine of wisdom that is expressed in all kinds of authentic spiritual traditions.