The international School of the Golden Rosycross

Are you interested in spirituality based on universal teachings and esoteric traditions?
Do you seek guidance for living from your deepest core?
Do you want to use, develop and receive talents and gifts to become a well-tuned instrument for the execution of the divine plan?
Maybe you and the International School of the Golden Rosycross can mean something to each other.

The Rosicrucians are devoted, symbolically speaking, to strengthen the connection between the cross and the rose, between the temporary and the eternal, between the natural and the divine. This work contributes to the regeneration of man and society. The teachings of the Golden Rosycross are universal and Christocentric at the same time. It is possible to come to inner knowing, to gnosis, by going a path of initiation within the School of the Golden Rosycross.

In all authentic wisdom traditions there is the idea that there is one source of life, wisdom and love. This source has many names: Tao, Brahma, the One, the Unknown, the Creator and the Father-Mother. The School of the Golden Rosycross consists of people who discover this source in themselves, allow themselves to be refreshed by it and want to share this joy with other people who resonate with it.

The School of the Golden Rosycross is a non-profit organisation for promoting spiritual awareness and renewal. It was founded in 1924 in Haarlem in the Netherlands and has now more than 200 locations in about 40 countries. This spiritual school has its roots in an ancient tradition of mystery schools, is connected with the impulse of the classical Rosicrucians from the seventeenth century and relies primarily on gnostic Christianity and Hermetism that is in tune with people of the 21st century.

We undertake many initiatives around the globe to offer seekers possibilities for becoming a spirit-inspired person: books, magazines, video-lectures, podcasts, online-programs, contemplative meetings, temple-services and live conferences.

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