Nuctemeron: the twelve hours of Apollonius of Tyana

first hour
In the unity, de daimons sing the praise of God, they loose their malignity and their wrath.

second hour
By the binary, the fishes of the Zodiac sing the praise of God, the snakes of fire intertwine around Hermes’ staff and the thunder becomes harmonious.

third hour
The snakes of Hermes’ staff intertwine trice, Cerberus opens his triple mouth and fire sings the praise of God by the three tongs of the lightning.

fourth hour
At the fourth hour the soul returns for a visit to the sepulcher. It is the time to light the magical lamps at the four corners of the circles. It is the time for incantations and illusions.

fifth hour
The voice of the great waters sing the God of the heavenly spheres.

sixth hour
The spirit remains motionless. He sees the infernal monsters work against him and he is without fear.

seventh hour
A fire, giving life to all animated beings, is directed by the will of the pure men. The initiate raises his hand and the suffering disappears.

eighth hour
The stars speak to each another, the soul of the suns communicate with the breath of the flowers, the chains of harmony make all the beings of nature correspond with one another.

ninth hour
The number that is not to be reveled.

tenth hour
It is the key of the astronomical cycle and of the circular movement of human’s life.

eleventh hour
The wings of the geniuses move with a mysterious humming, they fly from one sphere to another and carry the message of God from one world to another.

twelfth hour
Here are accomplished the deeds of the eternal light.

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