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The fishersman’s net – chapter 19 of ‘The Universal Gnosis’


In the previous chapter dealing with the Gnosis, we had the opportunity to call your attention to the sacred trade exercised by the pupil, the fisherman’s trade, the fishing for men. Our task now is to have you reflect upon the tool of the true worker, the fisherman’s net, so that the sacred trade will stand out in your mind with more clarity than ever before.

The net, in the personality, symbolizes the aural field or the respiration field. In the Spiritual School the net is the symbol of the Continue reading

The miraculous draught of the fishes – chapter 18 of ‘The Universal Gnosis’


The Holy Language contains a rich variety of stories about fish and fisherman. We read of miraculous draughts of fishes where the nets tear from the great load or of equally miraculous great draughts· where the nets do not tear. At times people are not only given bread to eat but also fish and there are many, especially among the disciples, whose trade is that of fisherman. The disciples are called while they are busy fishing, or working at repairing their nets.

These stories haven been told so frequently and the Continue reading