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The way of the stars – introduction from the book ‘Mysteries and Hymns of God, Cosmos, Humanity’


‘What a great miracle is man, Asclepius.’ Any right-minded person will be able to confirm this statement attributed to the Egyptian sage Hermes Trismegistus, regardless of his or her origin, background, philosophy of life and religion. Over the past thousands of years, humanity has gained much knowledge about itself and about the phenomena on the earth and in the universe. Countless studies have been conducted that offer impressive insights into the functioning of the mineral kingdom, the plant kingdom, the animal kingdom and humanity.

Researches within the sciences extends ever further, both to the infinitely large – the universe with the Continue reading

The cross of light – introduction from the book ‘Spiritual Easter and Pentecost’ by Daniël van Egmond

Easter should actually be celebrated around the spring equinox. Between 21 and 23 March, the light of the day is exactly in balance with the darkness of the night. But because the determination of the exact day of this festival is based on the lunar calendar of the pre-Christian Jewish tradition – the first Sunday on or after the equinox on which it is full moon – Easter is often celebrated many days after the equinox. Nevertheless, its spiritual meaning is closely linked to the symbolism of this balance between day and night. The night symbolizes our daily life: as long as Continue reading