Spirit and Holy Spirit — an extract from ‘The Seal of Renewal’ by Cathatrose de Petri

In the first chapter of the gospel according to John (1:32-34) we read:

“And John bore witness, saying: I saw the Spirit descending as a dove from Heaven and it remained on Him. I myself did not know Him, but He who sent me to baptize with water said to me: He on whom you see the Spirit descend and remain, this is he who baptizes with the Holy Spirit. And I have seen and have borne witness that this is the Son of God.”

In these words you will notice that a distinction is made between Spirit and Holy Spirit. Spirit becomes Holy Spirit only when it can descend upon a human being and remain upon him. This is an exceedingly instructive and remarkable evangelical fact and it is completely endorsed by the modern universal doctrine.

The Spirit is the intrinsic being of the Gnosis, the essence of the immovable Kingdom, the power-substance of the new life. Purity and an infinite difference in vibration cause a wide chasm between this divine Spirit and the consciousness-principle from which we dialectical people live.

The quintessence of the original life can communicate itself to a human being if inwardly, fundamentally and structurally he clears the way for it in his microcosm with one-pointed purpose, excluding everything else, to help mankind in the service of the Gnosis. The Spirit descends on such a person and this Spirit then becomes Holy Spirit, the sanctifying, healing Spirit.

You know what we mean by self-surrender of the “I”. If in this self-surrender there would be one atom of gladness and joy because the “I” is leaving this pool of tears to go to the eternal land of the Father, the Spirit could not communicate itself to us. This would be a state of very refined I-centrality and therefore, it would imply bondage.

No, the Spirit of the divine realm can communicate itself to us only if we manifest our self-surrender in absolute service to mankind. Yet even here there may not be any trace of self-satisfaction.

Even in serving, the “I” must be non-existant. The worker must be a sacrifice to the multitudes in complete selflessness, which is a state void of self-satisfaction, but also a state of immunity to any resultant suffering. Then, Spirit will become Holy Spirit! The sanctifying Spirit will remain with the pupil! And this Spirit will then be a Spirit of absolute healing!

Source: The Seal of Renewal of Catharose de Petri

One thought on “Spirit and Holy Spirit — an extract from ‘The Seal of Renewal’ by Cathatrose de Petri

  1. Alexander John


    When the mortal aspect of my life long infatuation is replaced by my immortal aspect and it’s no longer an ( I ) that liveth within me BUT Christ ….

    My life here on earth shall manifest as a new heaven because IVE been transfigured


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