Preface from the book ‘Spiritual Easter and Pentecost’ by Doride Zelle

This book which elaborates on the inner meaning of Easter and Pentecost is the sequel to the book Spiritual Christmas. The books were compiled in response to the wish of many to provide the online programmes Spiritual Christmas, Spiritual Easter and Spiritual Pentecost as printed book as well. Together both books provide a clear gnostic vision on how to become a true human being as seen from the perspective of

a living spiritual tradition and based on stories about the life of Jesus. Christmas, Easter and Pentecost can not only be seen as commemorations of events that took place 2,000 years ago, but also as three milestones on the spiritual path that we as humans can travel any time, all year round. ese highly spiritual events are indicated as the light birth in the heart of man, the resurrection of the inner man and the restoration of the link with the Spirit.

This guiding hand consists of stories and reflections with which we can connect time after time to become receptive to the spiritual light that renews spirit, soul and body. This light unifies the three in order to enable human beings as well as humanity as a whole to again participate in the joyous divine life. The authors of Spiritual Easter and Pentecost mainly base their reflections on The Gospel of the Holy Twelve by Jasper Gideon Ouseley, published in English for the first time in 1901. They chose this writing because almost every page bears witness to a great inner understanding and his book testifies of the attitude to life of the Sermon on the Mount, which is the attitude of life of any human being who strives for a life based on the inner man, the new soul.

Ouseley did not consider the Gospel of the Holy Twelve as his personal creation. He had passed it on as he had received it “in dreams and in visions in the night.” An English edition exists in which Ouseley is not mentioned as the writer but as the ‘translator’ of this gospel.

An important starting point of e Gospel of the Holy Twelve is that God includes and is present in everything and all manifestation. That inner knowledge is expressed in the writings in the form of, for example, love for all creatures, equality between man and woman and the view that everyone is entitled to his or her own truth. In the fragments from e Gospel of the Holy Twelve we followed the original text from 1901 while making minor modernizations, where the archaic wording might be an obstacle for understanding.

Again Daniel van Egmond has written an introduction, for which we are particularly grateful.

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