Quotes from the book of Mirdad for the free online program ‘The Mirdad Mysteries’

Mirdad 1

1. Living in peace with the Universe
A fountainhead is I, whence flow all things and whither they return. As is the fountainhead, so also is the flow. For “I” is the creative word. The creator procreates himself alone, nothing more, nothing less. (chapter 2)

Mirdad 2

2. Achieving the perfect equilibrium
God’s I is God’s eternal, only Word. When God says ‘I”, nothing is left unsaid. Man is a god in swaddling-bands. In saying “I”, man cleaves the Word in twain. That is man’s destiny: bind the cleavage in the I. (chapter 3)

Mirdad 3

3. Beware of fences
Seek first the knowledge of The Word, that you may know your own Word. For your word and God’s are one, except that yours is still in veils. God’s word is all-encompassing. Inseparable is man from God. (chapter 5)

Mirdad 4

4. Condemn no one
Consider man; has he not, in ignorance, cloven himself in twain thereby inviting death upon himself and all the things that make up his divided world? When you know all, you would judge none. God’s oneness is the only everlasting law of being. Another name for it is Love. To know it and abide by it is to abide in Life. (chapter 10)

Mirdad 5

5. To live is learning to love
God all Love, because he loves Himself. Just as a mighty river, emptying itself in the sea, is ever replenished by the sea, so must you empty yourselves in Love that you may be ever filled with Love. Love is the Law of God. You live that you may learn to love. You love that you may learn to live. (chapter 11)

Mirdad 6

6. Entering into the creative silence
The Silence I would usher you into, is that interminable expanse wherein non-beings passes into being, and being into non-being. It is that awesome void, where every sound is born and hushed and every form is shaped and crushed; where every self is writ and unwrit; where nothing is but IT. (chapter 12)


7. Growing through constant decay
The wheel of time rotates, but its axis is ever at rest. God is the axis of the wheel of time. He always timeless, space-less and still. In the axis all is peace. On the rim all is commotion. I say to you: slip from the rim of time into the axis and spare yourselves the nausea of motion. Let time revolve about you, but you revolve not with time. (chapter 18)

Mirdad 8

8. Accepting fortune and misfortune with equanimity
Time is the universal memory. There are no accidents in time and space. All things are ordered by the Omniwill which gives back to every man and every thing whatever they had willed, no more, no less, whether they willed it consciously or otherwise. Everything has a will. Your will is hid even in every breath and every word and every wish, thought and deed. And once you understand the hidden ways of your own will, you understand the Omniwill.
Accept all the things that fall to you, in gratitude. (chapter 21)


9. Recognizing the great Nostalgia
Like mist is the Great Nostalgia which bereaves the eye of visible reality making itself the sole reality. A sleepwalker is the man with the Great Nostalgia, amid a world apparently so wide awake. He is drawn by a dream, which those about him neither see nor feel. The Great Nostalgia has made him a stranger in the world, without a home, for his heart’s eye is focused towards the other bank. Faith shall lift him high above the stagnant, stifling world. Understanding shall guide your steps to the unutterable Freedom of the Summit which is the true, the boundless, and all-including home of God and the Overcoming Man. (chapter 31)

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