From outer to inner man, contemplative video based on The book of Mirdad

Dedicated to the readers of ‘ The book Mirdad’
written by Mikhail Naimy

The way of the pilgrim

God is not many. God is one. But many and divers are yet men’s shadows. So long as men cast shadows on the earth, so long is each man’s god no greater than his shadow.

The shadow-less only are all in the light. The shadow-less only know one god. For god is Light, and Light alone is able to know Light.

The silence I would usher you into is that interminable expanse wherein non- beings passes into being, and being into non-being.

It is that awesome void where every sound is born and hushed and every form is shaped and crushed; where every self is writ and unwrit; where nothing is but IT.

It is that Silence I would have you roam , that you may shed your old tight skin and move about unfettered, unrestrained.

The nostalgia

And as the mist bereaves the eye of visible reality making itself the sole reality, so this Nostalgia subdues the feelings of the heart and makes itself the feeling paramount.

The Great Nostalgia has made your world too small, and made you a stranger in that world.

It unloose your imagination from the grip of the despotic senses; and imagination has brought you a vision on a new reality.

This new vision shall lift you high above the stagnant, stifling world and carry you across the dreary emptiness and up the Rugged Mountains where every faith must needs be tried and purified of the last dregs of Doubt.

The Word

God’s Word is Life unborn, therefore, undying. Wherefore is yours beset with birth and death?

Are you not living by God’s life alone? And can the Deathless be the source of Death? When God the unutterable uttered you forth, He uttered forth Himself in you. Thus you, too, are unutterable.

No fraction of Himself did God endow you with – for He is infractionable; but wit His godhood entire, indivisible, unspeakable did He endow you all.

God’ s word is all-inclusive.
Het kent geen barrières en omheiningen.
Waarom wordt het jouwe zo gewelddadig
door omheiningen en barrières verscheurd?  Hf 5

Nor barriers nor fences are therein. Wherefore is yours so rent with fence and barriers?

Beware, therefore, of fences. You but fence in Deception and fence out the Truth.

And when you turn about to see yourselves within the fence, you find you face to face with Death which is Deception by another name.

God’s oneness is the only law of being. Another name for it is Love. To know it and abide by it is to abide in Life.

But to abide by any other law is to abide in non-being, or Death.

Love needs no one to exalt it. Love will exalt the heart that it finds worth of itself. Love neither lends nor borrows; Love neither buys nor sells; but when it gives, it gives its all; and when it takes, it takes its all. Its very taking is a giving. Its very giving is a taking. Therefore is it the same to-day, to-morrow and forevermore.

There is nor ‘more’ nor ‘less’ in Love . The moment you attempt to grade and measure Love it slips away leaving behind it bitter memories.

You have no friends so long you can count a single man as foe. The heart that harbors enmity how can it be a safe abode for friendship?

You do not know the joy of Love so long as there is hatred in your hearts. Were you to feed all things the sap of Life except a certain tiny worm, that certain tiny worm alone would embitter your life. For in loving anything, or anyone, you love in truth but yourselves.

The wheel of time rotates, but its axis is ever at rest. God is the axis of the wheel. He is timeless and spaceless and still. In the axis all is peace. On the rim all is commotion.

Let Time revolve about you; but you revolve not with Time. Shall Man, then never free himself of the vicious circle of Time?

As Death shall deliver you from Death, and Life shall release you from Life, so shall Time emancipate you from Time. Then man shall so weary of change that everything in him shall yearn, and yearn with un abating passion, for that which is mightier than change.

Happy are they that yearn, for they are already upon the threshold of Freedom.


One is the tree of Good and Evil . One is the fruit thereof.

You cannot know the taste of Good without at once knowing the taste of Evil.

The hand that rocks you in the cradle is but the very hand that digs your grave.

That is, my waifs, the nature of Duality.

But not so vain and obstinate as to attempt to change it. Be not so foolish as to try to split it into halves that you may take the half you like and cast the other out.

Would you be masters of Duality? Treat is as neither good nor evil.

Pluck the tree – the tree of Good and Evil – out of your hearts. Aye, pluck it root and branch that the seed of Life Divine, the seed of Holy Understanding which is beyond all good and evil, may germinate and sprout instead thereof.

Approach in reverence all forms of Life. In the least significant is hid the key to the most significant.All works of Life are significant – yea marvelous, surpassing and inimitable.

All things are possible in eternity, therefore, despair of no man’s freedom, but preach the message of release to all with equal faith and zeal – to the non-yearning as to the yearning.

The now unfledged birds shall some day preen their pinions in the Sun, and with their wings shall cleave the farthest and the most inaccessible reaches of the sky.

Is not the Sea- though vast and deep – a single drop?
Is not the Earth – though flung so far – a single sphere? Are not the sphere – though numberless – a single universe?

Likewise is mankind but a single Man. Likewise is Man, with all his worlds, a singleness complete. God’s oneness, my companions, is the only law of being.

Another name for it is Love.

Happy are they who, when alone with Night, Feel calm, and deep, and broad as Night; Whose faces are not smitten in the dark by wrongs They perpetrated in the dark; Whose eyelids do not smart with tears they caused Their fellowmen to shed;

Whose hands do not itch with mischief and with greed; Whose ears are not besieged with hissings of their lust; Whose thoughts are not bitten with their thoughts; Whose hearts are not hives for all manners of cares That swarm without an end from every nook of Time;

Whose fears burrow no tunnels in their brains; who can say boldly unto Night, ‘Reveal us unto Day’, and say to Day, ‘Reveal us unto Night ‘(…)
Aye, thrice happy are they who, when alone with Night, Feel so well turned, so still, so infinite at Night. To them alone Night sings the Overcomer’s song…

Though feverish days toss you hither and yon, And starless nights enfold you in their gloom, And you be cast upon the world’s crossroads, With no footprints or signs to show the way, Yet would you fear no man or circumstance,

And would you have no shadow of a doubt that days and nights, as well as men and things would seek you soon or late and meekly beg you to command them.

For you have gained the confidence of Night. And he who gains the confidence of Night Can easily commands the coming day.

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