Spiritual Christmas online program: register for daily inspiration from 22-12 to 06-01 at www.spiritualtexts.academy

In the next holiday season, the successful free online program ‘Spiritual Christmas’ will be held for the second time. From December 22 to January 6 you can read or listen to chapters from The Aquarian Gospel and reflecions about them. All texts are published in the new book Spiritual Christmas – guiding hand for inner reflection an inspiration in the Christmas season . Register yourself and receive the daily e-mails with links tot the texts for free.

22-12 Preparing yourself
23-12 Recognizing the inner man in yourself
24-12 Making your paths straight
25-12 Giving birth to the divine being in yourself
26-12 In this sign you will conquer
27-12 Your magic gifts
28-12 Overcoming resistances
29-12 Your assignment in life
30-12 Looking back at the past
31-12 Taking leave of your teachers
01-01 Unfolding your talents
02-01 The hidden treasures in your heart
03-01 Attention for your inner development
04-01 Awakening of the spirit-consciousness within you
05-01 Seven fundamental principles for your life
06-01 The descent of the Holy Breath



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